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 Dynamic Retail handpicked the best gems and natural crystals to ensure authenticity and quality. This way, customers get the best value for money.

About Dynamic Retail

A team of professional gemologists started Dynamic Retail and soon become one of the most trusted business brands for natural crystals and certified gemstones. Our business approach eliminates middlemen and provides quality gemstones at competitive prices to customers. Dynamic Retail has certainly changed the market of gemstones and natural crystals like Rudraksha mala, Tulsi Mala, embroidery Beads, Chandan Mala, and many types of interior work.

Customer’s Trust

The credit for Dynamic Retail success goes to the trust our beloved customers have in our products. Since people purchase these products only based on their trust, it is our duty to give them exactly what they came for.

Wide & Exclusive Collection

Dynamic Sales are constantly working to expand the exclusive collection to offer quality products at all different price levels for customers. The collections include Rudraksha, beads and bracelets, and natural crystals for home collections.

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Precious & Semi-Precious Gemstone Beads in multi Colors

Get 100 percent natural gemstone beads in multi-colors. We provide Precious & Semi-Precious Gemstone Beads. You can also find Tulsi Mala, Embroidery Mala, Rudraksha Mala, Chandan Mala, and crystals for home interior work.

Best Crystals for Home

Make your home a peaceful and sacred space by covering it with beautiful healing stones. People these days often decorate their living space with crystals. These crystals have the power to connect us with nature and mother Earth. Probably this is the reason people without any belief in metaphysical existence; love to have these crystals around them. Feel relaxed, at ease, and calm with these crystals. Place these crystals at your home and remove all the negativity and bring positive energy.

Healing Bracelets

Healing Bracelets, Chandan Mala, and Tulsi Mala are not just for religious beliefs. These things have many benefits with zero side effects. These are safe and good for everyone and people often wear them without any astrological recommendation.

Rudraksha Mala

Rudraksha means Lord Shiva’s teardrops if you find the meaning in Sanskrit. People believe that Lord Shiva’s teardrops fell on Earth when he cried out of joy. Those drops became seeds and grew as Rudraksha trees which make it so sacred. Rudraksha trees grow at high altitudes in the mountains of the Himalayan range.

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